Session chairs

Prof.Jean-Pierre Costes (
Laboratory of CoordinationChemistry, CNRS, Toulouse, France

Educated at Paul Sabatier's Toulouse University, working at the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, CNRS, Toulouse. Involved in the syntheses and magnetic properties of heteronuclear 3d-4f complexes.

Prof. Song Gao (
Peking University, Peking, China

Song Gao received his BS and PhD in chemistryat Peking University in 1985 and 1991. He was a Humboldt Research Fellow from 1995 to 1997. He has been Cheung Kong Professor in College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineeringat PekingUniversitysince 2002, and served as dean of this college in 2006-2010. He was elected as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007. His research interests are magnetic ordered coordination polymers, molecular nanomagnets, molecular and crystal engineering, and multifunctional molecular materials.