Le Coq de Boisbaudran Award

Le Coq de Boisbaudran Senior Award 2012

2012 Award winner

David Parker, Durham University, UK

Dear Colleague

The 5thLeCoq de Boisbaudran award will be presented atICFE-8, which will be held in Udine(Italy) From August 26-31, 2012.

The prize is the European equivalent of the American Spedding award. Previous winner were Professors Paul Caro (France, solid state spectroscopy, 2000), Herbert Schumann† (Germany, organometallic chemistry, 2003), Jean-Claude Bünzli(2006, coordination & supramolecular chemistry), Claude Piguet (2009 Supramolecular chemistry and thermodynamics).

We are now seeking proposals for nominees who correspond to the following description:

“The award is bestowed for an outstanding and long-lasting contribution to the science and/or technology of the f-elements. Major contributions to other areas of science or technology SHOULD NOT be part of the decision. On the other hand, other factors may be considered in the evaluation of the candidates, such as contributions to (i)teaching or graduate training in f-elements, (ii) professional societies, (iii) publications related to f-elements (editorships, etc.).” [regulations of the award].

The proposal should contain:

  • (i) a nominating letter from an individual or group of individuals highlighting the achievements of the candidate and the reasons of the nomination
  • (ii) supporting letters
  • (iii) a curriculum vitae with a short description of the research performed (1-2pages)
  • (iv) a list of publicationsand/or of anyrelevant items

Check also the ERES Website and the Le Coq de Boisbaudran Senior Award information sheet

Nominations are now sought and should be sent to Prof. J.-C. Bünzli, EPFL,ISIC,BCH 1402, CH-
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland,by e-mail to jean-claude.bunzli@epfl.ch ,under the form of A SINGLE .pdf file. Other formats will not be accepted.

Deadline for the reception of the applications is February 29, 2012.

With best regards

ERES executive committee